Tuesday 12 July 2022

Tuesday Desk round up.

Desk final touchs.

One of my neighbours was getting rid of a kitchen unit with sliding shelves that I thought would go great with the other sections I had. 

I slotted it in between the 2x2 and 2x3 sections at first but eventualy moved the 2x2 to the opposite end.

It wasn't quite the same depth as the other sections and had a large gap in the back that would usually have been covered by a work surface. 

I used some wood and some gorrila glue from Bute tools to add shelves to the back where the gap was and it holds my A5 card and A6 paper perfectly. 

The final piece was when someone posted on our local freebies group that they had some worktop going spare, and were giving it away for FREE!

I got out my tape measure and checked, yes that was just the length I needed to cover all of these differnet sections and bring them together as one craft island. 

A few messages and a couple of days later and it was mine. 

February 2022 My desk was complete and I love it. Lots of storage, lots of space, loads of light coming in the window. 

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