Thursday 7 July 2022

Crafting life

 I started crafting again about 2019 after I changed jobs and life settled down. 

The Quarantine times in 2020/2021 helped give me much more time and organise my craft space.
It also helped me declutter and decide what I wanted to focus on craftwise.

I'm going to be sharing a bit more often (i've said that before).
To start here is what my craft room looked like before lockdown. 

It looked very neat and there were lots of drawers and boxes to store things but as things were in boxes I couldn't see them  and so I would forget I had them and not use them. 

I tried some open storage on hangers and rods so I could see what I had but it quickly became untidy and clunky. 

I could see the stuff but had no inspiration to use it.

This storage for my punches seemed to work well and it was great being able to see them all together adn see what worked with what, but in reality took up a whole lot of wall space and didn't work for the new design of punches. 

I was doing more work storing my supplies than using them.

Something had to change. 

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