Monday 11 July 2022

Monday Meanderings

 Desk update

I'd seen an idea on YouTube using some short Kallax units to make a crafting island. Not having an Ikea nearby and not travelling due to the lockdown I had to come up with another way to make something similar. 

Wayfair had cube units that looked like they might do and would deliver to the island. I ordered two of their 2x3 units and one 2x2. 

I made the two 2x3 units up with out their backs so I could attach them together and have deeper storage. 

When I assembled the 2x2 unit I realised it was from a different range and therfore a different height. I'd ordered legs from Amazon to make the units a little taller but needed to order taller ones for the smaller unit.  But overall not bad for what I wanted. 

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